Dr. Katherine Dahlsgaard Workshops

Dr. Katherine Dahlsgaard Educator and Parent Workshops
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Dr. Katherine Dahlsgaard 


Dr. Katherine Dahlsgaard is board certified in cognitive and behavioral psychology and is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice with expertise in cognitive behavioral therapy for children, adolescents, and adults. She focuses her efforts on the promotion of evidence-based psychotherapy via her clinical practice, speaking and writing, and consultation and training.


Dr. Dahlsgaard specializes in the evaluation and treatment of anxiety and related disorders.  She was previously the Founder and Clinical Director of the Anxiety Behaviors Clinic and the Picky Eaters Clinic in the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.


Dr. Dahlsgaard also serves as a media expert, educator, writer, lecturer, and keynote speaker.  She regularly writes columns for “The Philadelphia Inquirer” on topics related to mental health and serves on their Health Advisory Panel.

Educator Presentations: 8/31

Keynote: Progress After Pandemic: The New (and Improved?) Normal 

As COVID-19 pandemic mortality and restrictions wane, educators may worry that the emotional stress of the last year will have lasting negative effects on their students and themselves. In fact, past research and even current literature suggests that the vast majority of youth and adults will recover quickly, return to previous emotional functioning, and perhaps even incorporate their experience into a narrative of their own resilience. This keynote address, from an expert in the evidence-based treatment of anxiety disorders, will review the most relevant literature, provide reassurance to school staff, and offer suggestions to support students moving forward into the new and improved normal.

Smaller Educator workshop: The Wearied Worrier Meets the Educator Warrior: Evidence-Based Strategies to Help Your Students Manage Anxiety and Stress

Evidence suggests that anxiety disorders are one of the most common child mental health problems. School can be a major source of stress for children prone to anxiety and many educators wish to learn the latest science-backed strategies they can employ to respond effectively to help the stressed-out student. In this workshop, Dr. Dahlsgaard will detail specific techniques that are both sensitive and action-based.


Parent presentation:   10/13 6:30-8:00 PM

The Science of Helping Your Child Manage Anxiety and Stress

Is your child stressed over the pressures of school?  Is your child anxious when confronting a developmentally appropriate challenge? Does your child have difficulty managing their fears and worries? Do you find yourself worrying about these things, too and wonder how you can best help your child?  Dr. Dahlsgaard will share scientifically-based strategies to help better understand and manage your child’s stresses and anxieties.   As a board certified clinical psychologist with expertise in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for child anxiety disorders, Dr. Dahlsgaard will describe what is normal versus problematic anxiety and detail positive parenting strategies that will help you and your child to connect and thrive.

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